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December 10, 2007

Is Queen Latifah coming and getting engaged?


Rumor has it that Queen Latifah is coming out of the closet with the announcement that she and her girlfriend of four years Jeanette Jenkins are engaged to be married.

The New York Post reported that a celebrity was about to come out, but didn't mention a name.

"WHICH big Hollywood actress is about to come out of the closet? She's been living with her girlfriend in a small town, where all the neighbors know, and the two are now engaged to be married."

In an interview with with the Chicago Sun-Times about her upcoming Christmas film, The Perfect Holiday, Latifah says, "When you're famous these days, it's just part of the deal—unfortunately. People will make up all sorts of things that are not true. ...There ain't gonna be no wedding." 

Latifah has always claimed that Jenkins is simply her personal trainer, but I have to wonder how someone with a full-time trainer of four years could be so.... errr, fat.

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