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December 17, 2007

Pamela Anderson files for divorce, but is she serious?

Is former Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson getting divorced again?  Hell, it doesn't even seem like she knows!

Anderson who married Rick Solomon earlier this year filed for divorce Friday.  The honeymoon between Rick and Pam seems to be over! In the court documents, Anderson also asked for spousal support!

Between Pam and Rick, they've now been married and filed for divorce 5 times!! 

Monday, Anderson put doubt in fans mind about whether she was seriously leaving Solomon or not.

Pam wrote on her blog, "We're working things out."

These two trainwrecks sure know how to stay in the media don't they?!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former "Baywatch" star and Playboy model Pamela Anderson has apparently reconciled with her third husband just three days after filing for divorce to end their two-month marriage.

In a divorce petition filed on Friday in Los Angeles, Anderson, 40, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakdown of her marriage to Rick Salomon -- best known as Paris Hilton's partner in a 2003 sex tape.

But on Monday, Anderson wrote cryptically in her Web site diary: "We're working things out."

The posting did not elaborate and Anderson's representative declined to comment on the matter.

Celebrity web site TMZ said the divorce was off. It quoted an unidentified source close to the couple saying they had a huge fight but made up.

TMZ also ran a picture of Anderson and Salomon out shopping together that was said to have been taken this past weekend.

Salomon, 39, and Anderson were married on Oct. 6 in Las Vegas. It was the third marriage for both.

Anderson, who gained fame playing the buxom lifeguard C.J. Parker on the TV show "Baywatch," was previously married to rock stars Tommy Lee, drummer for the band Motley Crue, and Kid Rock. The marriage last year to Kid Rock lasted about three months.

The Canadian-born actress has been performing in a magic show in Las Vegas for the last six months but wrote on her Web site over the weekend that she had turned down an offer for a big permanent show for the sake of her two sons, Brandon and Dylan.

Salomon's former wives were actresses Shannen Doherty and Elizabeth Daily.

Salomon dated Hilton, a hotel heiress, socialite and actress, in a relationship memorialized in a sex tape distributed on the Internet and later released as a porn video titled "1 Night in Paris".

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