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December 19, 2007

The rest of the story behind Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy


As gaysocialites.blog first reported on Tuesday, Britney Spears' 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

The Nickelodeon star shocked everyone with the news this week, and paparazzi who spotted Britney on Robertson Blvd Tuesday night say she is in denial.

"My sister is not pregnant," Britney exclaimed as she met a sea of photographers outside the Lisa Klien boutique.

Jamie Lynn and her mother, Lynne, have told OK! magazine a different story.

It goes something like this...

On finding out she was pregnant (with boyfriend Casey Aldridge's baby):
“It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected. I was in complete and total shock and so was he.”

On keeping her condition a secret:
“I took two weeks to myself where I didn’t tell anybody. Only one of my friends knew because I needed to work out what I would do for myself before I let anyone’s opinion affect my decision. Then I told my parents and my friends. I was scared, but I had to do what was right for me.

On telling her mom, Lynne, just before Thanksgiving:
“She was very upset because it wasn’t what she expected at all. A week after, she had time to cope with it and became very supportive.”

On premarital sex:
“I definitely don’t think it’s something you should do; it’s better to wait. But I can’t be judgmental because it’s a position I put myself in.”

PageSix is also reporting that Britney's ex-husband Kevin knew that Jamie Lynn was with child before Britney did. 

Evidently they called Kevin to warn him but decided to let Britney find out when the rest of the world did.

"In fact, Britney's [somewhat estranged] mom Lynne, [who has become tight with Kevin in the wake of her troubles with her daughter and grandchildren], told Kevin about it on Monday, [December 17], because Lynne wanted Kevin to be prepared when Britney found out," a source told PageSix.

The plot thickens.

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omg i cant wait to see her baby it will be so cute!! im happy for jamie and her boy friend!!

omg how coul you be pregnant at 16 years old

mmmmm...i wanna make babies with Casey - he is deliciously cute!

i feel so bad for jamie. i dont think she should be all over magazine's but it was stupid. i am not saying she is stupid but what she did was. i would be scared to but jamie will get through it.

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