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December 13, 2007

Zac Efron cranks that!

Oh my!  It's two of my latest obsessions wrapped into one YouTube Video!

Watch Zac Efron as he cranks that with the Soulja Boy dance along side his slutty girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and the cast of High School Musical 2.

I am not that crazy about the "Crank That" song and dance, and Soulja Boy totally creeps me out... but I am obsessed with these hilarious Soulja Boy videos. 

And everyone knows how I feel about Zac Efron.

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shut up v is not a slut!

i'm surprised you called vanessa a slut! i usually enjoy your posts about zac. i don't believe he is gay, but even if you sometimes like to intimate it, you're not usually nasty about it. tsk, tsk.

rofl people are sooo stupid. how is she not a slut ? isn`t vanessa the one who can`t keep her clothes on , and obviously likes her digital camera ?

i agree vanessa is not a slut...and zac is not gay
the rumors of him wearing makeup are completley false vanessa said it herself

So, obviously you hate Zac Efron. And just how does one nude photo of a girl make her a slut? Do you need a dictionary?

Why would the media and people in general go wild over this one single picture? This one mistake a young, decent girl made? Ah . . . here's the news media's one BIG chance to bring down a Disney kid. Let's go in for the kill, folks. Let's destroy her. And while we're at it, let's hit Disney as hard as we can, too.

Despite Vanessa's recent accomplishments--her first music album selling more than 600,000 copies in the US and receiving Teen Choice break out album award, her being on People Magazine's list of 21 and Under Hottest Breakout Stars--news account of these accomplishments or Internet article still mentions the PHOTOS (actually there was only one, but go figure).

What strikes me as uncanny, is that when people write about Lindsay Lohan, they never mention her past transgressions, (the girl who had internet pictures with another girl holding a knife to her throat, the girl who was arrested for DUI with cocaine in her pocket). No, the truly bad girls are forgiven. Poor Lindsay, we hope she gets her life together. Poor Lindsay . . . poor Lindsay . . . poor Lindsay . . . .

But, let a decent girl like Vanessa make ONE mistake and she is going to be crucified for eternity. When she turns forty, the announcement will be, "Vanessa Hudgens, whose nude photos appeared on the internet 40 years ago is celebrating her birthday today."

Sad, but there is a cynical segment of our society who hates good girls. And if you happen to be a Disney kid, those jaded souls doubly hate you. Contemptuous people and the mocking news media won't forgive a good girl for one transgression. But they will forgive the bad girls a thousand times.

Hmmmm . . . does someone need a dictionary? How does a nude photo make one a slut?

And why do you people hate Zac? Jealous of his good looks and success?

unless i'm mistaken vanessa posted those pics of herself two years ago back when she was fifteen maybe sixteen.... now how is she NOT slut? and don't gimme that "ppl make mistake" bullshit. because honestly if it was someone else you guys would so be down that celebrity's throat. but since it's "disney perfect high schoo musical star" vanessa everyone is like "Oh my god she made a mistake. That poor poor girl." fuck give me a break!

Oh and Logical Person... Unless you haven't noticed Vanessa hasn't been crucified for what she did? MY GOD IT DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING TOUCH HER! Everyone still views her as perfect little Vanessa who made a mistake. Unlike someone like Lindsay Lohan ALMOST EVERYONE is talking about what a bad influence she is for younger girls...

First of all, I am never coming on this site again, after you basically just insulted Vanessa.

And 'A Logical Person', you are freaking mistaken, coz Vanessa DIDN'T post those pictures. Some other stupid person did. AND, if I remember correctly, Lindsay Lohan was a Disney actress as well, but does anyone go on about her as "Oh my god she made a mistake. That poor poor girl"??

Oh, and 'stupid ppl' Vanessa lost a whole load of fans over this whole incident thing, and some parents won't even let their children watch High School Musical anymore. I feel sorry for the poor girl.

Whoops, sorry ' A Logical Person', I typed in the wrong name. That second paragraph was meant to be for you, 'stupid ppl'.

Pshh its pretty obvious that Zac wears make-up, but a lot of Hollywood stars do so it really isn't that much of a big deal. And a few nude pics of vanessa and she's already a slut? Now lets not be rude.

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