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January 22, 2008

Adnan Ghalib selling pics and text messages from Britney Spears

As we have previously reported, Britney Spears and her paparazzi-boyfriend have called things off.

Now, Adnan Ghalib can do what he wanted to all along... make some money off the fallen pop star.

Adnan's photo agency Finalpixx is shopping around photos of text messages that Spears sent Ghalib. The texts from Britney to Adnan evidently say that she misses him and that she wants to become a teacher. Can you imagine?!

Ghalib is evidently also in talks with a US television station to do an interview about the time he spend on Britney's arm.

"He's getting paid a lot," a source said. "And his interview will be stretched out over several days."

As we've previously told you, Spears' best friend and 'manager' Sam Lutfi wanted Adnan out of the scene because there isn't enough Britney to go around. Evidently Sam has his own arrangement with another photo agency who buys pics of Britney from him.

Britney is such a cash cow! I'm glad we're all making a buck together!

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