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January 18, 2008

Britney Spears is crazy, multiple personalities

It looks those close to Britney Spears or those who have been close to Britney are finally confiming what we have all expected... CRAZY! That's not just the title of one of Spears' songs when she was a pop star, but now its Britney's state of mind!

Evidently Britney has multiple personality disorder. Those who have traveled in her inner circle say Spears often switches into another personality referred to as "the British girl." The thing is Britney doesn't remember what happens when she goes British.

Sources say Spears switched to "the British girl" the day of she didn't show up for her deposition in court, and Britney claims she doesn't remember a thing. There are supposedly other personalities involved, but the details are a bit fuzzy.

This lady needs help! Again, I ask... where are her parents?! Have her committed!

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