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January 24, 2008

Britney's 'manager' Sam Lutfi reports for deposition

Britney Spears' best friend and 'manager' Sam Lutfi was served by the former pop stars' ex-hubby Kevin Federline, and he reported for questioning on Thursday.

The big topic inside the deposition was evidently, 'who the hell are you?!' K-Fed's high dollar attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is trying to figure out how Sam got into Britney's life in the first place.

Rumor has it, Lutfi dropped into Spears' life after making a deal with the X-17 photo agency to supply them with pics of Britney. X-17 has denied the rumor, but everyone still wants to know how Sam is getting paid.

Thursday's deposition is a part of an on-going battle over custody of Britney and Kevin's two young boys.

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