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January 28, 2008

Endorsements from career politicians means more of the same with Obama


It is hilarious to think Barack Obama really thought he could run a national campaign on "new politics." On Monday, that campaign for a new type of politics was derailed as Obama picked up the endorsement of more career politicians.

Ted and Caroline Kennedy put their political family name behind Obama, and I have word that career Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius will endorse Barack after she delivers the response to President Bush's State of the Union.

These two join John Kerry, the same flip-flopper who unsuccesfully ran the campaign of "change" four years ago, who has also jumped on the Barack-bandwagon.

What will Obama preach now? Surely his campaign is smarter than to keep drilling this "new kind of politics" thing in.

I fell for this with John Kerry, and this time I want true change. That's why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton!


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OMG ! Your little comment makes it so obvious you were supporting Hillary Clinton long before these endorsements....No wonder bloggers arent considered reputable journalists...Good luck with that vote

are you a moron or just someone who stumbled across this single entry. this site has been backing hillary for a long time. go hillary. obama scares me. he looks like a skeleton.

I am voting for Bill Clinton because I am tired of politics as usual.

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