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January 7, 2008

Did Dr. Phil bust in on Britney Spears?!

It seems as though Britney Spears' visit from Dr. Phil before leaving the looney bin at Cedars Sinai Medical Center wasn't something she asked for.

TMZ is reporting that Britney actually stormed out of the room when Dr. Phil showed up.  Evidently Spears did not give prior consent for Phil's visit, and the doc did most of the talking when Britney showed back up. 

According to TMZ's sources, the hospital shouldn't have allowed any doctor who does not have in-patient privileges into a patient's room, unless that patient has given prior consent.

So who called Dr. Phil?  Evidently it was Britney's parents.  They even agreed to do a Dr. Phil intervention on Monday, but Britney isn't down. 

Maybe she has finally come to her senses. We're also hearing that there was talk of Jamie Lynn coming along if Britney agreed. I think it is going to take a lot more than Dr. Phil to save the Spears family, but that's just me.

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