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January 17, 2008

Does Kanye West blame himself for Donda's death?

Kanye West was very close to his mother Dr. Donda West before she passed away late last year from complications following plastic surgery.

Now, the National Enquirer is reporting that Kanye blames himself for Donda's death.

"It was his money that paid for the operation and his fame that opened up this very different world to Donda," a source told the Enquirer.

"Donda was so proud of Kanye and all he had accomplished, and gave up her job as the head of Chicago State University's English department to look after his career", according to the source.

"It would never have occurred to her to have plastic surgery before Kanye hit it big. He can't help thinking it shouldn't have happened."

An autopsy found that Donda West died of "pre-existing coronary artery disease" just hours after plastic surgery.

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Kanye shouldn't blame himself. After all, he didn't drag his mom into surgery or even coax her onward! Donda was a big girl and made her own decisions. Unfortunately, not such good ones. We can all learn from her fatal mistakes. If you are interested in more on this topic, just go to my website and click on the ARTICLES tab to read my article: Lessons Learned From the Donda West Tragedy

Lois W. Stern
Author of Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery


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