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January 27, 2008

Drunken actress Sean Young booted from DGA awards


Sean Young, an actress I have never heard of, has managed to make the headlines this weekend -- as the drunken fool who was kicked out of the Directors Guild Awards for being too drunk.

According to USA Today and Perez Hilton, Young got shit- faced then screamed and danced around the room like a fool. To beat it all, she was seated with power couples Les Monves & Julie Chen and Steven Soderbergh & Jules Asner.

"When she wasn't yelling, Sean would stand up, put on her white fur coat and walk around her table and then retake her seat (while people were onstage accepting awards)," a shocked eyewitness tells Hilton.

Perez's source continues: "She also licked the neck of her date (some grey haired dude who looked like a lawyer-type guy), screamed in French at French actress Marion Cotillard, and when cutie pie Kristen Chenoweth belted out a few bars to a song (encouraged by Carl Reiner) Sean started singing too."

From their, Young was publicly bounced from the Awards show. Classy!

Can you say HOT MESS?!

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