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January 6, 2008

gaysocialites.blog officially endorses Hillary for president

It is time for a change in our country, and that's why gaysocialites.blog is officially putting our support behind Hillary Clinton to become the first female president of the United States. Now that's the kind of change our country needs!

Eight years under Bush's reign has been enough Republican leadership for me!! It took President Bill Clinton to clean up after the first President Bush, and its going to take President Hillary Clinton to clean up after this President Bush.

We are a country that is clearly desperate for change. Hillary Clinton is serious about her commitment to change America for the better, and she has the experience needed to turn this country around!! Why not get both a drive for change and experience all in the same candidate?!

I tried to give Barack Obama a chance in the beginning, but he started flip-flopping on some matters that were important to me. That's scary! I strike it up to his lack of experience. We need a president who will stand true to her word, and I am confident that woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton!!

George Bush was not experienced enough to be president and look what happened. Barack Obama will probably make a good president one day, but now isn't his time.

As for John Edwards, that's who I voted for in the democratic primary four years ago. However, I have never connected with a candidate the way I do with Hillary.

That's why I'm proud to put my time, energy and support into getting Hillary Clinton elected. She isn't the front-runner anymore, but that's okay. Her husband, Bill Clinton, had to make a comeback in his primary elections too. Look what a great President he turned out to be. This campaign has the drive to make it through November, and I really don't believe any other candidate has the power to make the changes that Hillary does.

Between now and November, I will donate free advertising to Hillary's campaign on our website. In addition, you'll notice Hillary's campaign widget on my MySpace page, and you'll start seeing more messages, bulletins and blogs about Hillary as well.

The GaySocialites are supporting Hillary for President and so should you!

Ronnie Hokanson
Managing Editor

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