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January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger's ex-fiance Michelle Williams 'devastated'

A source close to Heath Ledger's former fiance Michelle Williams says the actress was 'devastated' when she heard that the Australian actor had died in New York.

Williams was evidently in Sweden filming a movie with the couple's daughter Matilda.

"He was absolutely in love with his daughter," says another source. "And he really liked what he did [acting]. He spoiled [Matilda] rotten. He was playful and very funny with her."

The source adds: "I can't believe Matilda is going to grow up without a dad, without knowing her father. And that Michelle will have to deal with having a daughter who's lost her father. She's a survivor. She'll make it, but it's going to be hard. Her first concern is going to be Matilda."

Williams reportedly hopped on a plane bound for New York as soon as she heard about Heath's death.

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