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January 16, 2008

Here's the video of Katie Couric off camera in NH, what's the big deal?

CBS' top news anchor Katie Couric seems to be getting grief from every direction since taking the seat as the first solo female evening news anchor in history.

The website, My Damn Channel, published this video of Katie Couric covering her first national election during prime time. Between takes, Couric is a big frazzled and drops a few curse words... but shit happens, right?

As someone who has worked in television news and been in front of the camera myself, I can honestly say I have seen, said and done a lot worse!

So Couric stresses during busy times... big deal, don't we all?

Just like My Damn Channel, we'll do just about anything for hits... but I just don't get this one. If you have nothing better to do, sit through this long video and see if you get it. If so, please explain what I'm missing in the comments section!

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LOVE IT! That's the Katie III want to see! I'm gonna watch her tonight on my revived love for the diva bitch journalist! Might get a colonic too!

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