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January 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton aggressively seeks the youth vote

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are fighting hard to make sure the former First Lady regains the youth vote that Barack Obama captured in Iowa.

Hillary posted this video on her website, and she seems to have no problem motivating the young vote!

Hillary's high profile support America Ferrera also sent out an email today encourage youngsters to get out and support Clinton for prez.

Dear Charles,

I have a confession. The night Hillary won in New Hampshire, I was so excited that I danced around my living room with a smile so big it made my face hurt.

Last week, I went to Nevada to officially endorse Hillary and talk to voters with her daughter Chelsea. I was already a full fledged Hillary supporter, but spending three days with Chelsea nearly maxed out my capacity to feel pride and admiration for her mother. Not to mention, I was deeply impressed and inspired by Chelsea's intelligence and devotion to her mother's campaign.

You can see my trip to Nevada with Chelsea for yourself -- click here to watch the video.

Something that stuck with me after our time together was when Chelsea remarked in a roundtable discussion how humbled she was by the fact that when her mother was 27 (Chelsea's current age) she was advocating on behalf of children with disabilities. Her research later led to passage of legislation ensuring access to public education for all children with mental and physical disabilities.

This humbled me too. But it did something else. It inspired me! It made me feel like my impact on the world didn't have to have limitations. I immediately started thinking about how I, at the age of 23, could find things that are important to me, educate myself, and try to make a difference. Hillary Clinton inspired me not by her words, but by her actions. Imagine if we had a president who inspired young people across this country to look inward and find a way to be a part of the solution. This is what we need in this country. A president whose actions resound louder than any campaign message.

I believe that young voters know that this election is far too important to watch from their sofas. Young Americans know that the choice we make now is too crucial to buy into campaign slogans or a popularity contest. I know Hillary is the most fit and capable candidate. She has spent her whole life working hard to accomplish things that will make a real difference in people's lives. She has worked tirelessly for children, for women, for human rights. She has the vision and experience to turn the country around, and I am confident she will help us build a future worth inheriting.

America Ferrera

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