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January 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton shows her likeability on Tyra

Hillary Clinton sat down with Tyra Banks this week, and it's actually cute to see the Democratic front runner engaging in some girl talk. It actually shows off Hillary's likeablity, a side most voters have only recently started to see.

Tyra asked Hillary the important questions, such as which of the following reality shows Clinton would rather participate in: “Dancing with the Stars,” “American Idol” or “America’s Next Top Model.”

“In my dreams I would be on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ but in reality I would have to choose my limited talents and of them dancing is better than singing. You do not want me to sing,” Hillary said.

Clinton also suggested her own reality show, one to decide what role her ex-husband, former President Bill Clinton, should play in the White House.

“Here are some of the things that have been suggested like First Mate. His Scottish friends say ‘First Laddie,’ but we need ideas. I’ll just keep calling him Bill,” Clinton joked.

The pre-taped episode of the Tyra Banks Show is scheduled to air on Friday. Check your local listings.

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