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January 28, 2008

If you want to see Britney Spears' boob...

The crazier Britney Spears gets, the more I wonder if anyone can really be physically attracted to her.

If you still find Britney to be bangin', then this video is for you. (And you should probably get some help yourself.)

I kinda feel bad showing it, because the photographer clearly violated Brit-Brit's privacy by peaking in at a private dance session. I'd actually be surprised if this is legal. All the more reason you would want to see it, I guess.

In this video below, Spears is seen dancing at Millennium Studio on Sunday night. When Britney is tweeking out and putting on more layers (at about 3:20) there is a quick nip slip. Don't worry, the folks at Hollywood.blog slowed it down for you incase you miss it.

And we wonder why the "Crazy" singer is loosing it! Why is Britney dancing anyway? Is she getting ready for another train wreck performance?!

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