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January 28, 2008

Is Clay Aiken staying in the closet forever?!

Clay Aiken seems to be struggling with his time in the closet. Remember when you were sooo tired of being in closet that you claimed you may be "assexual?" Remember hating everyone who actually had fun going to clubs and discovering themselves?

Clay is there now!

"The only reason people go to bars is to get drunk and have sex," Aiken said. "To me, bars are what hell is like."

Aiken also told New York Magazine that he thinks he has no sexual urges.

I hope Clay has a good therapist helping him through this time. I'm not begging him to come out (because its not like I would date him), but I definitely don't want him to hold his gay urges in. He could ultimately explode.

We can only handle a few crazy celebs at a time, and Britney is keeping us REALLY busy right!

Aiken is currently starring in Spamalot on Broadway. Let me know if you see him out at the gay bar or cruising online!

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