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January 8, 2008

It's official! Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire!


Everyone from Barack Obama to CNN and the Associated Press has declared Hillary Clinton as the winner of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

Clinton has surprised everyone, including me - a supporter, by bridging a 10 point gap in the polls to lead the votes as they came in all night long.

According to CNN, Hillary beat Obama among women and registered Democrats. Obama congratulated Clinton on a hard fought victory in New Hampshire while addressing supporters.

John Edwards finished in a distant third place and conceded early in the night while promising his supporters that he won't leave the race.

From here the candidates move to South Carolina, Edwards home state.

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yay! she's baaaaaack!

As a young voter, I can tell you that I am more motivated to go to the polls after seeing Obama win in Iowa. Not all college students support Obama, and those of us who support Hillary need to get the word out in the next few weeks.

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