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January 25, 2008

It's your turn South Carolina

On Saturday, Democrats in South Carolina will head to the polls to decide who they think should represent our party in November against the Republicans - most likely John McCain.

The Republicans brought up one name more than any other at their debate this week. You would have thought that each and every candidate on that stage is worried about running against Hillary Clinton. Most of the candidates mentioned Senator Clinton's name more than they mentioned any of the Republican contenders. That should tell us something!

As you know, gaysocialites.blog has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. As this campaign progresses, and the more that we get to know Hillary along the way - the prouder we are of our decision!

I encourage all voters to go to the polls and choose the candidate who is best for them. It isn't about gender or race. It is about who will do the best for our country. If you're concerned about the economy and would like to have health care for everyone, then Hillary is your candidate. If you want equal rights for everyone no matter your ethniticity, sexual orientation or gender, then Hillary is your candidate. If you want to beat the Republicans in November, Hillary is your candidate.

An MSNBC/McClatchy poll Friday showed Barack Obama only leading Hillary by 38 percent to 30 percent in South Carolina, but that is nearly same margin that the polls predicted the day before the New Hampshire primary. As you'll recall, Hillary won New Hampshire despite what the polls said. The same thing can happen in South Carolina!

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, and I hope you are too! Have fun voting South Carolina!

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Not gonna happen here. She's too damn divisive. Sorry, bro. Obama's the right man for the job.

It is well known by now that Dr. Paul (who has written 6 books on economics) and stands head and shoulders over the other candidates as an economist. Why do you think the 'cool' candidates denigrate him (except for Huckabee who copies his homework)? Every other candidate speaks in vague generalities.
Dr. Paul WILL put thousands of REAL dollars in YOUR pocket. Wanna see how?
Dr. Paul's 4 point economic stimulus plan even includes legislation and is viewable online. Just click on my name!

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