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January 8, 2008

Lindsay Lohan just shouldn't ever drive again

Lindsay Lohan is proof that some people just shouldn't drive, and the fact that Lohan has ever gotten behind the wheel haunts her just about every day.

Gossip blogs have been reporting that a lawsuit filed by busboy, Raymundo Ortega, who was injured when Lindsay's car crashed into his vehicle back in 2005 has been dropped. TMZ is reporting that this isn't a cold case yet!

The internet reports cite a document filed last month by Ortega's lawyer, Robert Klein, claiming Klein dropped the suit against Lindsay. Not true. The attorney only dismissed his case against Crossheart Productions, Lindsay's production company.

Tracie Rice is also suing Lohan after Lindsay chased her down just before her infamous arrest last July. Rice filed legal papers saying she has already racked up $3,500 in therapist bills. I guess one needs a lot of 'help' after being chased by a 'Mean Girl.' The papers also say that Tracie has paid $400 on a medical doctor, $145 on a chiropractor, $150 on medicine and $2,000 in miscellaneous expenses. She also says she lost her job after incident where she was making around $75,000 a year.

Lindsay may have been able to rehab her image, but she can't seem to keep her legal woes on the wagon.

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