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January 29, 2008

Making the Band is back on MTV


"Making the Band" is back on MTV, and if the writer's strike continues this could be as good as it gets. My point is, even if you have hated it in the past, you might want to give it a try again.

It was interesting to see the ladies from Danity Kane show up compared to the arrival of the guys. Basically, the girls were totally gorgeous. They crawled out of that limo with their designer hand bags and high tech cell phones. The guys still seemed like boys.

Donnie seems a bit better now. During his first season, he had a tacky Long Island orange tan and greasy hair. He clearly got a call from someone's stylist.

What's up with this romance with Aubrey from Danity Kane? You know we love Aubrey O'Day around here. She popped into the GaySocialites' Hot Mess Party and busted out a show stopping perfomance on our bar with a bunch of drag queens. (pictured above)

This could be the only drama we have on TV this spring people. Soak it in.

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