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January 11, 2008

Michael Jackson ranked Craziest Pop Star Ever

Michael Jackson has been named the Craziest Pop Star Ever by Blender magazine. I'd say this one is well deserved for Jackson. He named his kids Prince and Prince II for goodness sake, not to mention his amusement park/ ranch called Neverland.

The folks at Blender write...

Case History: Remember those innocent years when Jackson was merely so mental that he lived in an amusement park with llamas, chimps and the Elephant Man's skeleton? The craziest thing is that the most ridiculous rumors turned out to be true — he didn't see anything wrong with pan-generational slumber parties; he didn't have a nose left, let alone money. What spectacular madness turns $750 million in assets to $180 million in debt, apart from, uh, trying to open an amusement park in Poland? For his lifetime of lunacy, Wacko Jacko is the undisputed skin-whitening, baby-dangling, statue-building, crotch-grabbing, kiddie-cuddling King of Pop.

At number two was Beach Boy Brian Wilson, followed by Axl Rose, Whitney Houston and Sly Stone rounding out the top five. Britney Spears was just behind them at number six. Other notable names on the list include Ozzy Osbourne at #10, Liza Minnelli at 18, Courtney Love at 13 and Elvis Presley in at number 36.

You can see the entire top 50 on Blender magazine's website.

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