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January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney's win shakes up Republican race

The race for the Republican nomination is really heating especially now that Mitt Romney has won in Michigan.

This really could turn into a numbers race. McCain may have the momentum, but Romey could beat him with more delegates at the Republican convention.

That would be horrible blow to the Republicans in the general election. The party will already have a lot to bounce back from unless one or two clear front-runners come forward after Super Duper Tuesday in early February. That's when most of the other states votes. If a Republican doesn't emerge as the victor and a Democrat does, it could really leave the parties in shambles when it is time to regroup for the race for the White House.

Romney has now won two states (Michigan, Wisconsin), John McCain won New Hampshire and Mike Huckabee won in Iowa.

The Democrats kinda skipped the Michigan vote, because the Democratic National Committee didn't want the state party to hold their primary so soon. Barack Obama and John Edwards removed their names from the ballot leaving Hillary Clinton a clear shot at victory. The votes won't count at their convention, so the victory does nothing more than boost Hillary's momentum.

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