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January 11, 2008

New Hampshire recount, a waste of time and money

This could be another year of politics packed full of recounts. Here we go again!

You may not even know their names are on the ballot for President, but a few candidates want a recount in New Hampshire.

No, I'm not talking about second place finishers Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Long shot hopefuls Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard are planning to waste a lot of time and money by calling for a recount in the New Hampshire primary. I have also heard that some Ron Paul supporters are doing the same thing.

None of these candidates (Kucinich, Howard or Paul) stand of chance of winning New Hampshire (or any other state for that matter), but they want to keep their names in the media. This is definitely one way of doing it.

Don't they remember how tired everyone gets of hearing the word 'recount,' especially when they don't stand a chance?!

Hillary Clinton and John McCain won New Hampshire fair and square. We have 48 states to go! Can't these candidates move forward and try to get votes by campaigning rather than hoping for a miracle?

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