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January 18, 2008

Obama flip flops again

As the regular readers know, gaysocialites.blog has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. I start by saying that, because I want everyone to know the follow article is my opinion not editorial news.

Barack Obama has done it again. It's the same reason I am not voting for Senator Obama. He's a flip-flopper. Four years ago, I put all of my time and effort into a flip-flopper named John Kerry who has consequentially endorsed Barack Obama. With so many other candidates in the Democratic field four years ago, we shouldn't have picked the flip-flopper and we shouldn't pick one now!

In Iowa, Barack Obama's campaign pitched a huge fit because Hillary Clinton and John Edwards didn't denounce negative advertisements run by third parties (i.e. labor unions). However, now that said third parties are running ads against his opponents and in his favor Senator Obama doesn't seem to mind so much.

"In Iowa, Senator Obama and his campaign went out of his way to attack labor unions for independently promoting other candidates," Clinton spokesperson Phil Singer said. "But in Nevada, he’s looking the other way as they falsely attack his opponents."

John Edwards also chimed in and he too came to the Clinton camaigns defense.

"Just three weeks ago Senator Obama was calling on me and Senator Clinton to demand that outside groups not run ads on our behalf," Edwards said in a statement. "These new ads look like the same old nasty divisive politics that both Senators Obama and Clinton denounced just two days ago. It is extremely important for us to quit focusing on fights between politicians and instead focus on what we need to do for working people, for the Latino community in Nevada and across the country.”

This may not seem like a huge ordeal now, but it is definitely not something the Republicans will let slide in the general election.

Nevada Democrats will caucus on Saturday. We'll have full coverage are released.

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