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January 31, 2008

The gay community MUST get behind Hillary Clinton


This could be the most important election of our generation. There is a lot on the line here. gaysocialites.blog endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, and as a gay organization our choice was clear.

Let me just say, before picking a candidate, we did our research. gaysocialites.blog did not just hop on the Hillary bandwagon, simply because she is the most likely to win. We support Hillary, because she supports us!

Senator Clinton has worked very hard for LGBT community throughout her political career.

Hillary opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) and helped to defeat it twice on the floor of the United States Senate. The LGBT community and activists turned to Hillary Rodham Clinton in both 2004 and again in 2006 to help defeat the FMA.

While First Lady, Hillary broke with the Clinton Administration and called for the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

Senator Clinton has been a leader in the fight for increased AIDS funding and access to services for HIV positive and AIDS patients. Hillary wrote the Early Treatment for HIV Act that would allow states to provide Medicaid coverage to low-income individuals living with HIV.

Hillary Rodham Clinton supports a trans-inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA). She favors ending discrimination in the workplace against individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Hillary is also the strongest champion of full adoption rights for LGBT couples.

"Gay and lesbian couples are just as loving and nurturing as any other parents," Clinton said. "Anyone who thinks children are better off in foster care or orphanages than in a home where they are cared for and loved by a same-sex couple just doesn't understand a child's best interest."

Hillary Clinton has a proven track record of working for us! That's the lady I want as my President! If you live in one of those all important "Super Tuesday" states, then I encourage you to go out and support a candidate who really supports our community. The gay community MUST get behind Hillary Clinton!

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