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January 31, 2008

The Spears family battles with Britney's friend Sam Lutfi


Britney Spears' intervention early Thursday morning may have worked, but it definitely wasn't without conflict.

TMZ is reporting that Britney went in without a problem, but her family seems to be battling with her friend Sam Lutfi over who calls the shots.

According to early reports, the Spears family was calling all the shots. Britney's mother, Lynne was there with her father Jamie, sister Jamie Lynn and cousin Alli Simms.

Daddy Spears even got into a screaming match with Sam Lutfi, accusing him of trying to control Britney.

Now, it seems as though Lutfi is back in the saddle. Reports from inside UCLA say that Sam is the point person for the hospital staff, not a member of the Spears family.

If you ask me, they probably need to get rid of Sam first! He seems like he is just getting in the way.

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