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February 4, 2008

Equinox Fitness serves up eye candy in new ads


Equinox fitness center has sparked some controversy with their new ad campaign that features nuns painting a gorgeous Michelangelo’s-David-type guy.

The 'happily ever' ad has sparked tons of back lash, but as the posters go up in the New York City's West Village - I don't think too many people will be protesting!

This makes me love Equinox fitness a whole lot more! I mean, they haven't offered me a free membership like the NYSC has... but this has definitely drawn my attention to the upscale fitness center.

The ads have already hit Boston, and some people are already complaining! Equinox will be displaying the provocative booty ad in the windows of three of New York locations Wednesday through Friday of this week at the following locations: 50th and Broadway, 19th & Broadway and Greenwich Avenue.

Swing by and check it out! Want more? I'll leave you with this sexy Equinox ad. The folks sure know how to deliver the eye candy, don't they?!


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