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February 4, 2008

Is Marc Jacobs giving Jason Preston a taste of his own medicine?


Marc Jacobs is evidently cheating on his boy toy Jason Preston, in a strange turn of events.

erikrhodesmarcjacobs.jpg Jacobs has gone for porn star Erik Rhodes. Marc sure likes his rent boys doesn't he? He discovered Jason through a male escort agency, and Rhodes himself makes a little money by selling himself. Erik was even once awarded the Best Porn Star Escort at the RentBoy.blog Awards.

"Jason thought he and Marc were exclusive again," an insider said. "But Marc is sleeping with this porn star behind his back, and sneaking him to Paris for hot sex."

Rhodes evidently met Jacobs when Marc invited Eric for a three-way with him and Jason. Kinky.

This could be pay back for some Preston's past actions as well. Let's just say, Jason likes his porn stars as much as Marc likes his rent boys. You'll remember that gaysocialites.blog busted Jason Preston getting cozy with porn star Ben Andrews at Hot Mess back in June.


Our photographers caught Jason with his tongue down Ben's throat and down other places on Ben as well. Shortly after these photos were taken, Preston and Jacobs were "back together again."

Have they given Marc Jacobs his own reality show yet? Because if not, they should! Whether you love him or hate him, this would be gooood TV!!

Maybe I should go have some plastic surgery, fake abs and all --- errr --- I mean, go to rehab.

Erik Rhodes is milking the attention from it all, though. He even posted an entry on his blog about it. You know my motto, publicity is publicity!

There's much more from gaysocialites.blog. Click here to go to the main page.

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