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February 8, 2008

Jesse Metcalf in a street brawl?



Jesse Metcalf was clubbing Thursday night when he got a little roughed up outside Boulevard 3 nightclub in Los Angeles.

Evidently Metcalf ran into his pal 'actress' Taryn Manning outside Boulevard 3 when Taryn's male companion got a bit jealous. Manning's thug boy socked Jesse in the face and knocked him on his ass. The two basically tried to duke it out on the sidewalk.

After the scuffle, Jesse headed into Boulevard 3 and Taryn took her street fighter next door to Social. I seriously doubt that Jesse Metcalf and Taryn Manning were just meeting up to hang out. I bet that's her new boy toy and he had no clue who Metcalf was!

Straight men do the darnest things!

UPDATE: has some GREAT video of the knock-out.

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