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February 8, 2008

Jesse Metcalf's street brawl part 2



You know that Jesse Metcalf sidewalk brawl we told you about earlier? Well, we have more info now.

For starters, the guy who socked Jesse on the street is Britain's self proclaimed rapper, Mams Taylor. Evidently Mams has been kinda-sorta dating Taryn Manning who Jesse Metcalf was linked to earlier this summer.

So after Taylor punched Metcalf outside Boulevard 3, Jesse went into B3 while Taryn and Mama headed next door to Social.

The drama goes on... after rounding up some other white boys in preppy clothing, Jesse and his crew headed over to Social to find Taylor and Manning to get revenge. We're told Jesse busted in and "jumped" Mams.

They scruffled around a little before Jesse left with bragging rights. Taryn Manning, meanwhile, probably passed out from embarassment.

These Hollywood boys!

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