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February 4, 2008

Obama may be losing momentum, fails to draw crowd in NJ

obamarallyempty.jpgMaybe it wasn't the best idea for Democrat Barack Obama to show up in Hillary Clinton's back yard on the eve of Super Tuesday.

Both Obama and Clinton decided to spend their final day of campaigning in the Northeast. The decision seems to be a good one for Hillary, but Barack may have stabbed himself in the foot.

The Obama campaign rolled into New Jersey on Monday morning with Ted and Caroline Kennedy in tow. The problem is, the crowd was about 15,000 people short! Is Barack Obama losing his momentum? It sure seems that way!

Barack and his supporters reserved the Izod arena at the Meadowlands sports center on Monday. That arena holds 18,000 people, but only 3,000 showed up to hear Obama speak according to his campaign. His campaign expected to pack the place and were even worried about turning people away. It seems as though they underestimated Obama's appeal in New Jersey.

You're in Hillary country now, Mr. Obama. It looks like you've made a mistake!

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