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February 8, 2008

PETA raids Donna Karan's NYC apartment


Donna Karan just got punked by PETA! The fur loving designer's home was raided by a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protestor who worked her way in with lattes. I'm not making this up, either.

PETA is out to get Karan for using fur in her fashions. To get back at the fiesty designer, PETA sent someone to Donna's swanky Central Park West pad to let her have it.

A reprentative for PETA, Michael McGraw, says the group sent "a fashionably dressed young woman, clad in knee-high black boots and a denim miniskirt" to her apartment where she was welcomed with open arms (at first).

The girl also carried a DVD player and waited patiently for Karan to arrive back at home. When Donna showed up, the PETA protestor played a video of animals being slaughtered for fur.

"I can't watch this now. I have somewhere to be," Karan told the PETA lady. "I just really don't have the time."

"I've seen all these [videos], but for me it's just purses and accessories," Donna added.

To that the PETA rep fired back, "But for me and millions of other people, these are animals. They suffer terribly as they are electrocuted, gassed and skinned alive for their pelts."

Meanwhile, she was bounced from Karan's apartment as the doorman and assistant were skinned!

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