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March 20, 2008

"Big Brother" head of household James evicts Matt in tie-breaker

mattevicted.jpgWednesday wasn't a good day for my favorites in the reality television competitions. Amanda Overmyer got the boot on "American Idol" and Matt got evicted from the "Big Brother" house. That means unless you're into James, the gay porn actor, all of the eye candy is gone!

First Alex, the DJ from New York was booted. On Wednesday the only other remotely attractive houseguest, Matt was sent packing.

Matt will be the first "Big Brother 9" houseguest to move into the jury sequester house. He'll be back for the finale to help crown the winner of "Big Brother."

Matt, a roofer from Boston, was up against Ryan - a college student from Ohio. James, the head of household, had to break the tie after the other houseguest voted.

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