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March 19, 2008

Who got voted off American Idol? Who's in the top 10?


I'm was very disappointed to see rocker Amanda Overmyer get eliminated from "American Idol" on Wednesday night.

Amanda was one of my top 3 favorites in the whole competition. One of my other favorites, Carly Smithson was also in the bottom three. HUGE shocker, huh? Carly and Amanda were joined by the chick who should have gone home - Kristy Lee Cook.

Overmyer added a lot of fun to the competition. She wasn't your every day rocker, and even though she was a little dated - I loved her!

I'm sad to see Amanda go! On the otherhand, I'm glad Carly is safe! Oh - and my other favorite is David Archuleta - duh!

If I had to predict the "American Idol" now, I'd give it to Archuelta.

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