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April 26, 2008

One Year of Hot Mess

On Sunday night, we will celebrate the first year anniversary of Hot Mess at Porky's.

Our good friends at HX Magazine published this time line spotlighting a year in Hot Mess.

"April ’07: Hot Mess debuts at Porky’s with original hosts Steve Sidewalk, DJ Adam, Ronnie Hokanson, Drew Zailen, Acid Betty, Logan Hardcore, Miss Epiphany and Chris Ryan—a roster that will change often due to tranny drama.

June ’07: British singer Lily Allen storms out of Porky’s when DJ Sidewalk plays Amy Winehouse, putting Hot Mess in the tabloids. Hot Mess wins the HX Award for Best Gay Lounge Night.

July ’07: Sassy nightlife and entertainment blog gaysocialites.blog takes over publicity for Hot Mess.

August ’07: Steve Sidewalk makes headlines for playing leaked Madonna songs and receives cease and desist order from Warner Music.

March ’08: Hot Mess experiences a major reinvention with new host additions such as Ben Andrews, James Coppola and Chandilier, plus the return of old favorites Jason Preston, Acid Betty and Logan Hardcore."

The Hot Mess one year anniversary party will take place Sunday night at Porky's. We'll have a live performance by Nina Sky and Ultraviolet Sound. Print this invite and take it with you for FREE admission and OPEN BAR from 11 til' midnight.

Porky's is located at 55 W. 21st Street (between 5th and 6th streets) in Manhattan.


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