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April 25, 2008

Rumor Control: Did Epiphany really get fired from Hot Mess on Sunday?


HX magazine has the "dirt" on Epiphany's sudden departure from Hot Mess. Again, they've scooped us on our own story.

Here's their version:
"There was a bit of confusion over at Hot Mess Sunday—and not just because of fuzzy minds courtesy of 4/20 Day. Due to remodeling at Porky’s, the party relocated next door to Snitch, a rock-n-roll joint that brought out the trash in everyone. As hosts Ben Andrews and Logan Hardcore rode the club’s stripper pole, some drunk started throwing punches at host Jason Preston at his VIP table. Later, some ghetto queens got in a fight over the toilet that had flooded into the street, and then a few tragic lesbos got hauled off by the police. DJ Steve Sidewalk caused a classier stir when he played the leaked version of Madonna’s forthcoming single, “Give It 2 Me.” After we left, we hear that Miss Epiphany, a recent HX covergirl for our “Nightlife 9 to Watch” issue, was released from her duties as a Hot Mess host following a diva fit, during which she impatiently grabbed cash from a bartender’s drawer because she “wasn’t paid quickly enough.'"

That's somewhat true. The biggest discrepancy is that it didn't happen this week. It happened last week.

We love Epiphany. She's a crazy bitch, and worse things have happened to crazier bitches.


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