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August 11, 2008

Two University of Nebraska wrestlers caught in gay porn scandal


A University of Nebraska news blog reports that two of the Huskers' wrestling stars have taken on a side job in gay porn. (You can see the NSFW photos below).

According to Fleshbot, the two Nebraksa wrestlers named Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan are featured on gay porn site, as "Nash" and "Cal".

The University of Nebraska, its athletics department, and the NCAA are all reportedly investigating the issue. Professional punishment is likely in order for the two soon-to-be former college wrestlers, Donahoe and Jordan.

At least "Nash" and "Cal" know where they can earn extra cash if they need to pay off their NCAA fines!

See more gay porn photos of "Nash" here and more of "Cal" here. You gotta get a membership for more than that!

NCAA is questioning gay porn site that featured two Nebraska wrestlers

Porno wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan kicked off Nebraska team

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