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October 6, 2008

DJ Adam announces new party, changes to 'Family'



If Family at 40C is your Saturday night hang out, then you better find something else to do three out of four weeks of the month.

Incase you haven't heard, Mistress Formika and DJ Adam's Saturday night soiree has gone monthly.

DJ Adam made the announcement official via e-mail over the weekend, but gave no more details.

"This way we can pack more entertainment into one night, he wrote. " Stay tuned for the next FAMILY gathering coming in October."

Adam also announced his latest venture with Sophia Lamar, Jo Jo Americo, Paisley Dalton, Nomi & Moi called Eastenders. Starting Tuesday, this motley crew will invade Skinny Bar (174 Orchard between Houston & Stanton).

DJ Adam promises a "cash drop" on opening night. That's one way to help boost the economy.

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