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October 9, 2008

Has New York City's resilient mr. Black been closed again?



Despite the fact that there are "seized" stickers all over the building, mr. Black management insists that New York City's house of debauchery will still be opened for business this week.

Michael Musto first reported that the "tax man" seized the place, but later retracted when promoters cried foul.

In an email, Akash swears, "Yes, we are open tomorrow night, confirmed both by Stuart Black and Jonny McGovern." In fact, I hear Stuart sent out an email to staffers saying, "Attention bitches, despite reports to the contrary, we are open this week and are not closing."

Akash texted me saying, "We're still open at mr. black tonight and the rest of the week as scheduled." Akash also confirmed that the message from Stuart about the club not closing did go out via text.

He also called Musto's story a "total rumor."

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