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October 6, 2008

Miley Cyrus takes over Disneyland for sweet 16 party [video]


My favorite of all the teeny sensations, Miley Cyrus, turned 16 over the weekend. Miley booted the gays out of Disneyland (the normal "Gay Days" destination) for her sweet 16 celebration.

We have to forgive Miley, right? I'm sure it was Disney's doing anyway! Out with the gays and in with the teen money maker!

It looks like Miley, her friends and her fans are all having a good time. Her Disney co-stars and famous father, Billy Rae Cyrus, were all there to help her ring in the big 1-6!

I guess it is a bummer that Miley had to do so much work on her birthday, but that's the price that comes along with being such a big star at an early age. Make money now, and have fun later!

Happy Birthday Miley!

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