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Carrie Prejean cuts Larry King Live interview short [video]


Carrie Prejean, a previous inductee into gaysocialites.blog's Stupid Bitches Club has done it again!  On Wednesday night, Prejean cut an interview on "Larry King Live" short and deemed King "inappropriate."

Prejean is, of course, the ousted Miss USA who hates the gays.  Larry kept pressing her about negotiations over a sex tape in which classy Carrie masturbated inappropriately for her boyfriend on video.  It ruined Carrie's lawsuit against Miss California USA.  Carrie got pissed off at King and started squirming.  When the first caller was a gay man, Prejean decided to step!

And Prejean is in trouble, because if you can't handle Larry King - you can't handle anyone.  He's one of the NICEST interviewers on the tube!

On the same day, Carrie survived the women of "The View".  The following morning, Whoopi Goldberg said Prejean appeared "bitchy" on their show.


So shes not only a homophobic bigot,she is a stupid cunt-bag,rude,obnoxious,arrogant,skanky,whore,and a homophobic bigot.Im glad Perez Hilton exposed her for what she is,in the first place.Though I dont approve how he did it,Im glad he did it.Because now the bitch is getting what she deserves.Karma's a Bitch,aint it? Too bad all homophobic bigots dont get what they deserve.

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