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If Carl Kruger is gay, why is he against gay marriage?

The shit has hit the fan for New York State Senator, Carl Kruger.  The unmarried old Democrat from Brooklyn got heckled by gay rights activists as he exited the Senate Chambers on Wednesday after he voted against a bill that would legalize gay marriage.

Kruger, who is rumored to be gay, might be one of the many Senators who voted on the issue for political gain.

New York Governor David Paterson called out some of those self righteous politicans on Thursday morning calling Wednesday "as sad a day as I've had since I joined public service"


I don't think anyone should compulsively have to come out, including Kruger. And I'd like to also point out Christine Quinn's own political gains have railroaded many people when it was to her gain. Politicians are politicians, it seems no better or worse than each other.

Why would a Straight person vote against Straight Marriage?

@ ThomasAlex

Why would a straight person vote against GAY marriage when it truly has no affect on their personal life and personal faith and their own marriage? Oh,I know..Because they are a homophobic bigoted scumbag and feel that they are above gays.

Besides str8 people cant even stay married,half of them get married 2,3,sometimes 4 times. While there are gay couples who are told that they cant get married have been together for 20,30,and even 40 years.

Sanctity of marriage my natural gay ASS!!!

I don't care whether the bastard is gay or not, he is a homophobe and needs to be voted out of office. He should be the prime target of gay wrath over this latest injustice. What a piece of crap he is.

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