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Bossy Bottom by Jonny McGovern (My Life Story)

"The Gay Pimp" Jonny McGovern does it again! It's finally here, the ultimate ode to the bottoms!

This new raunchy single from the master himself, Jonny McGovern teams with his Team Pimp (ErikaToure Aviance, Linda James, Adam Joseph, and Maxi J) is what you'll need to get your day going (as long as your on Craigslist).

You can currently download "Bossy Bottom" on iTunes.

This hot track was brought to you by Francis Legge and Jonny McGovern along with Ryan Hannigan (effects and backgrounds). The lighting is credited to Dick Mitchell; and the song was written by Jonny McGovern, Linda James, and Adam Joseph.

Watch the entire video after the break.


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