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Jersey's new Governor, Chris Christie, is a stupid bitch [vudeo]



It's a monumental day for the Stupid Bitches Club (SBC) as many as we induct our biggest member yet.

Today, gaysocialites.blog will induct the fattest member ever into the SBC.

New Jersey's heavy weight  gov-to-be,.Chris Christie, is the latest inductee and definitely weighs more than any other member we've deemed a stupid bitch in the past.

It isn't Christie's fat ass that landed him the SBC, necessarily. It is his stance on gay marriage. Christie evidently recently said that marriage isn't a right at all. He says it is an honor bestowed on those who deserve it making a week comparison to obtaining a driver's license. So, basically it seems that NJ's Governor-elect believes we aren't privileged enough to tie the knot.

That's cool, because we think Mr. Christie is a fat ass, stupid bitch. He joins such members as Britney Spears, the New York Senators who voted against gay marriage, Sarah Palin and many others as members of the SBC..

Christie is scheduled to be sworn in as the Governor of New Jersey on Tuesday.


Just writing to say your article is moving. The clarity in your post is plainly brilliant and i can take for granted you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission I will grab your rss feed to keep up to date with coming posts. Thanks a meg and please keep up the good work. Pardon my sad English. It is not my mother language.

hate the captcha

Just a thought... as you berate someone else for their ignorance, it might be helpful if you used the correct word. I believe you were looking for "weak" as in lacking in strength or force, not "week" as in a consecutive 7 days. I'm not saying what you're saying is wrong. Let's just say it well, yes? A simple error is enough for people to write off the message as stupid and uninformed.


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