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Nightlife Shots: FWORD! 01.15.10


If you havent been following me on twitter, then you might not know that Ive been sick as a dog for the last few days. I managed to force myself out of bed on friday for the fword. I'm so glad I did too! It was such an amazing night. Here's what I saw:


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


now im normally a big amanda lepore fan, but what the fuck? her face has never looked more manly even when she was a man and since when is it fashionable for a cosmetically created person to dress in nothing more than a bra and a slab of fabric.

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Great Read. I'll look forward to your next piece

Hey there. my husband let me know about your site a couple weeks ago. and I absolutely love it. I'll be back! Right on!

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