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Nightlife Shots : The Pill Awards 01.24.10


Last night were the Pill Awards hosted by Hedda Lettuce and porn star Colton Ford. What a kiki to say the least. The who's who of nightlife and underground entertainment came out to support their fellow artists. Performances included Cazwell "I Seen Beyonce at Burger King" and Amanda Lepore "Cotton Candy". I had tons of fun!

More AMAZING photos and the "seen" list, after the break!

SEEN: Hedda Lettuce, Colton Ford, Dina Delicious, King Ralphy, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Amanda Lepore, Britney Houston, Bebe Zahara Benet, Francis Legge, JFortino, Acid Betty, Anarexia Hurls, Michael Musto, Brian Mills, Sherry Vine, Herra C, Cazwell, Celso, Johnny Sanford, AlienNation and MANY MANY MORE!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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