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Fitness expert Ken Hunt to give out free tips via Facebook



How's your New Year's resolution going?  We're nearly through the first two months of 2010, and this is the point where most people either start slacking or have already given up on their hopes and dreams to stay fit in the New Year.

To try and help you stay motivated, fitness expert Ken Hunt is offering free fitness tips on his Facebook Group titled "Ken Hunt Fitness & Steel Gym". 

Hunt says the group was created to motivate members and guests of his fitness center, Steel Gym in New York.  Ken, however, says everyone is encouraged to join.

"We want to help everyone stay on track with their fitness goals," Hunt says. "We understand that everyone can't make it to the gym every day, so we hope to offer a variety of tips that anyone can benefit from."

Ken Hunt's free fitness tips start Monday, February 22nd on his Facebook Group.

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