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NY State Senate wants Hiram Monserrate out, he refuses to go


We've got a breaking douche bag alert out of New York.  State Senator and convicted girlfriend abuser, Hiram Monserrate, refuses to take "get out" for an answer.

On Tuesday, the New York State Senate voted to boot Monserrate out of office.  By an overwhelming vote of 53 to 8, Hiram's colleagues told him to hit the road misdemeanor assault against his girlfriend brought shame on the chamber.

We have known that Monserrate was a douche bag for a while.  Not only because he beat his girlfriend, but he was the ring leader in the New State Senate stalemate that could have ruined the chances of marriage equality in New York.

I say good-bye to this douche bag.  If they can get him to go.  Hiram wants to stay so badly that he is appealing.  Who would want to show up to work every day knowing that your co-workers hate you in 53 to 8 ration?  Not me!

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